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Monthly Archives: July 2020


What’s Next for Qualified Immunity & The Many Criminal Defendants It Affects Each Year

By William Wallshein P.A. |

We’ve previously discussed qualified immunity, the legal doctrine essentially created by the US Supreme Court which shields government officials – typically law enforcement – from accountability after using excessive force and violating a defendant’s constitutional rights unless there is an already-existing judicial decision with substantially similar facts finding that an officer engaged in illegal… Read More »

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Florida Supreme Court Reverses Yet Another Decision, This Time Opening Door to Mentally Disabled Being Executed

By William Wallshein P.A. |

In late May, the Florida Supreme Court reversed yet another one of its previous decisions; this time involving capital punishment and intellectual disabilities, opening the door to allowing defendants with mental disabilities who were previously sentenced to death under an unconstitutional state law to still be executed even though the US Supreme Court ruled… Read More »

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