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Monthly Archives: December 2020


Third Party Custody

By William Wallshein P.A. |

Are you a grandparent or relative of a minor child who was recently orphaned or lives in an unsafe home? Are you seeking visitation with your grandchildren? Grandparents’ rights and third party custody vary from state to state. In Florida, grandparents and third parties are only awarded custody if they can establish that the… Read More »

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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

By William Wallshein P.A. |

Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, includes mediation and arbitration. These are methods that parties can choose to pursue as an alternative to litigation. Many parties seek ADR as a viable option because it can be cheaper, more amicable, and efficient. There are many benefits to pursuing mediation for family law cases, including better outcomes… Read More »

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How Will COVID-19 Affect Holidays for Divorced Families?

By William Wallshein P.A. |

If you are divorced with children or currently separated with children, you likely drafted a marital settlement agreement. That agreement, or MSA, governs child custody, education, healthcare, tax deductions, as well as which parent spends time with the child on which holiday. Some parents choose to alternate holidays like Thanksgiving every other year, or… Read More »

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