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West Palm Beach Prescription Drug Charges Lawyer

Palm Beach County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Police and prosecutors in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida have taken an aggressive stance toward prescription drug crimes. Many people arrested for prescription drug charges are surprised when they find out that the system treats them just as harshly as someone arrested for heroin or cocaine.

I am William Wallshein, a West Palm Beach prescription drug charges lawyer with more than 38 years of experience in the criminal system. In my criminal defense practice, I have helped many people accused of serious drug crimes, including prescription drugs. I understand that many of my clients are victims themselves: victimized by doctors who prescribe addictive painkillers and medicines and then do not give support to patients who become dependent; victimized by police and prosecutors who do not care that you are a good person who needs help, not a hardened criminal.

Powerful Defense Against Prescription Drug Offenses in Florida

As an experienced Palm Beach drug crime defense attorney, my job is to defend your rights and freedom against overzealous prosecutors. In Florida, all prescription drug crimes are felonies. A conviction could follow you for the rest of your life. I have the knowledge and experience needed to defend you against charges such as:

  • Prescription fraud
  • Doctor shopping
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Trafficking in prescription drugs
  • Illegal distribution of prescription drugs

Some of the most common drugs involved in criminal prosecutions are:

  • Oxycontin
  • Oxycodone
  • Percocet
  • Xanax
  • Vicodin

A Comprehensive, Strategic Approach

Like every drug offense, those involving prescription drugs are not taken lightly at my firm. I thoroughly investigate every case, locate witnesses and interview them, analyze the evidence against my client and scrutinize the conduct of arresting officers to determine whether they violated the law. Drug cases are often won on the basis of illegally obtained evidence. You can rely on me to develop a defense strategy that matches your unique situation.

Contact William Wallshein, Experienced West Palm Beach Pharmaceutical Drug Possession Lawyer

To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your Florida drug charges, call 561-533-1221. You can also contact my law firm online. My West Palm Beach office is located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard. Office appointments available at West Palm Beach Office. I accept credit cards.

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