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West Palm Beach Robbery Lawyer

West Palm Beach Robbery Charge Lawyer

Robbery and burglary charges are often confused with each other. Burglary is defined as someone illegally breaking into a commercial or residential premise. In order for someone to be convicted of robbery, the prosecution must prove the suspect used force or fear to steal someone else’s property in their presence. These are two entirely different charges. Select an experienced attorney prepared to fight back if the charges do not fit the crime allegedly committed.

Seeking to Level the Playing Field for Defendants Facing Robbery Charges

I am attorney William Wallshein, a West Palm Beach robbery defense attorney with more than 38 years of experience. I have the skills and tenacity to protect your best interests, whether you are accused of robbing a bank, an ATM machine or robbing someone at their home. As a former Florida prosecutor with five years of experience, I know what the prosecutors need to prove when seeking a conviction. I am committed to helping you staying ahead of the prosecution by questioning the evidence secured against you.

The penalties for a robbery conviction can vary from prison time to restitution and community service. Any property used to allegedly carry out the crime would also be seized. The level of penalties would increase if a weapon was used to carry out the crime. When the stakes are high, contact my Palm Beach County defense firm for a free consultation.

Focused on Undermining the Prosecution’s Evidence Against You

Robbery is a type of theft. In order to convict someone of robbery, the prosecution must prove the suspect used physical force or threatened to use force or intimidation to carry out the crime. On the surface, the prosecution may seem to have a strong case, but I will seek to uncover any weaknesses in the evidence obtained against you. Every case is fact specific. You may have been wrongfully accused or acted out of self defense. I will fight the charges based on a lack of proof you stole anything or acted in an illegal manner. Witness testimony, surveillance footage or an alibi could be used as part of your defense.

If there is a weakness in the prosecution’s property crime case, I am committed to finding it. I will listen to your side of the story and will conduct a thorough investigation. I will fight for an acquittal based on a lack of evidence. If law enforcement violated your constructional rights, this may be grounds for a dismissal.

Trying to Mitigate the Potential Penalties You Face

When I start representing a client, I evaluate every mitigating factor that could affect his or her sentence. If you are facing robbery charges, the penalties will increase if a weapon or aggravated force was use to carry out the crime. I will fight for a reduction in charges if the facts of the case show you were not using aggression or a weapon when allegedly acting in an unlawful manner. No prior criminal history could also be used in your favor as a negotiating tool for a reduced sentence.

Contact a Skilled Palm Beach Defense Attorney

As an experienced defense lawyer, I know the right time to fight for an acquittal or negotiate for a lower sentence. I will guide you through the criminal justice system, making sure your constitutional rights are protected at all costs.

Contact my Palm Beach defense firm today for a free consultation. My West Palm Beach office is located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard. Office appointments available at West Palm Beach Office. I accept credit card payments.

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