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Simply The Best

I had the privilege of having William Wallshein represent me as my attorney. Not only was he able to provide me with legal advice and guidance, he is knowledgeable, with an empathetic demeanor, and most importantly honest. He was the beacon of my hope during a difficult situation. William always welcomed and was responsive to all of my questions and concerns, and thoroughly explained the legal process. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Mr. Wallshein for his legal abilities, calming presence and sincerity. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and I appreciated Mr. Wallshein’s efficiency and professionalism. – DD

Fellow Attorney

Bill is a highly experienced and very effective lawyer. I had the pleasure of working with Bill on a very serious federal matter, and his assistance and insight were invaluable. Bill is well versed in multiple areas of the law, and a great choice if you’re looking for an attorney. – Ian

My Attorney and now friend

Lets face it, there are times in life when you need an attorney, usually in the worst of times, and hiring an attorney can be a roll of the dice. You look for someone who you can Trust, Who has Knowledge of that particular law, Who will Represent your best interests and Guide you through the process, and who won’t Rip You Off, Bill is that attorney I hired Bill to represent me with a family issue, he was there for me during that lengthy process, and even after. Thanks Bill – Roy

When you want the “Best”…William Wallshein is it!

Bill is not only extremely thorough in everything he does. This individual will have your best interest at heart with every decision that is made, giving you all options needed. Bill is an individual with integrity first and foremost. He is honest and straight forward with the highest degree of professionalism. Bill will be there for you day or night.

I am so happy I have found such an individual to assist me at a time of need. I fully recommend him, as he is definitely top in his field! – Jeffrey

Highly Recommended

Bill had great communication and prepared me for what to expect during the entire process. I would highly recommend Bill Wallshein. – Carrie

Thomas R. Loyson CEO TRL Industries LLC

I hired Atty Wallshein to represent me in a traffic matter in Palm Beach County in October, 2017. Atty Wallshein represented me in open court. I never appeared in court personally and through his diligence, resolved this matter in a “not guilty” decision. I paid a $50 fine and the matter was settled in a manner very much to my liking.

I’d highly recommend Atty Wallshein to anyone who’s looking for high quality representation in any legal matter. He has shown the quality and professionalism required to a legal matter might present itself. He’s been a true asset to me and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone! – Thomas


Mr. Wallshein went to court for me I did not have to go. I am pleased with the results. – Nancy

Very great outcome..

William Walshein provided very good defense and presented options for the most successful outcomes when I needed him to speak on my behalf in court. I am very happy with this Attorney and will not hesitate to call on his expertise again. – CCWM

William Wallsheins

William was hired to defend my son on a criminal charge. William was very professional and showed concern for my son. We had several consultations at the office, and was giving all the options of the case and spoke the truth on what the out come of the case would involve. I was totally satisfied in the work that was put in and also the results we achieved from the case. I would be most confident to hire him in any other affairs that would present themselves in the future – Anonymous

The word excellence falls short for describing Bill

Bill was an excellent choice for my case. He was fast and very professional with my case, showed and told me straight forward how things were going to go. Great knowledge of law, sharp, and a fighter for you. I highly recommend Bill! – Julio

Happy Client

Bill was upfront with me and did not get my “hopes” up, he was straight to the point with the “legal” end of everything. He returned every call and answered every question from a legal stand point. In the end everything worked out and i have very happy. I hope to never need an attorney again but if i do i will be calling Bill – James

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