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West Palm Beach Property Crimes Lawyer

Florida Property Crimes Lawyer

If you are facing a property crime charge, obtain experienced legal counsel. A conviction can have long-lasting ramifications, depending on the nature of the charges. In addition to criminal penalties, a conviction could affect your professional career and standing in the community. Select an experienced West Palm Beach property crimes lawyer, prepared to defend your rights at every turn possible.

Stay Ahead of the Prosecution With an Experienced Defense Strategy

I am attorney William Wallshein, a Florida property crimes attorney with more than 38 years of experience. Before focusing exclusively on criminal defense, I was a Florida state prosecutor for five years. I know firsthand how law enforcement works when pursuing property crime charges. I am committed to staying ahead of the prosecution with assertive representation.

Potential Ramification of Property Crime Charges in Florida

The consequences of a property crime charge can be serious. In some instances, a theft charge can be considered a misdemeanor with probation as a real possibility. When it comes to burglary and firearms charges, the consequences are much more serious. You could be facing prison, fines and a significant impact on your future.

Select an experienced attorney prepared to develop a strong defense and negotiate for a reduction if the charges do not fit the level of crime allegedly committed. I have decades of experience defending individuals throughout West Palm Beach accused of committing a wide range of property crimes, such as:

  • Armed robbery and residential robbery
  • Grand theft, retail theft and misdemeanor theft
  • Burglary
  • Unlawful use of a weapon or another firearm violation

I will explore all defense options and will work to reduce the severity of your charge. If the charges cannot be dismissed, I will explore other defense options such as a diversion program. No matter what your situation may be, I will assert your rights in the courtroom.

Contact a Skilled West Palm Beach Defense Attorney

Contact my defense firm online or call 561-533-1221 for a free initial consultation. I will conduct a thorough investigation to try and uncover any inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case or evidence that can be used in your favor. I am committed to staying ahead of the prosecution with an aggressive defense strategy.

My West Palm Beach office is conveniently located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard. Office appointments available at West Palm Beach Office. I accept credit card payments.

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