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West Palm Beach Online Solicitation of Minors Lawyer

Online Solicitation of a Minor Defense Lawyer

Federal and state authorities are ruthless in pursuing individuals suspected of soliciting minors online. Questionable and even unlawful tactics have been used to try and prosecute Internet sex crimes. In fact, law enforcement agencies have been known to entrap individuals believed to be acting in a suspicious manner.

Applying Decades of Experience to Defend Your Rights

Do not try talking your way out of sex crime charges. Even a seemingly minor detail could be used against you. If you are under scrutiny, select an experienced lawyer prepared to defend your rights. This has been my commitment for more than two decades. I am William Wallshein, a highly skilled sex crime defense lawyer in West Palm Beach Florida. I understand what you are up against because I was a prosecutor for five years before focusing exclusively on criminal defense. I will assert your rights at every turn possible with an aggressive defense strategy.

Online solicitation of a minor charges can be life-altering. However, just because you are facing charges does not make you guilty. If you are accused of luring a minor, contact my defense firm for a free consultation. I will review every piece of evidence to try and uncover anything that can be used in your favor.

Offering an Aggressive Defense Against Solicitation of Minor Charges

FBI agents are known to actively monitor the activity in online chat rooms to try and catch online predators. Unfortunately, FBI task forces have been known to use questionable tactics when luring suspects online into committing an illegal sexual offense. The evidence against you may seem damaging, but an experienced lawyer will know how to fight the charges to expose any questionable measures law enforcement took.

As a former prosecutor, I know what steps law enforcement can take when investigating individuals suspected of committing an Internet sex crime. However, if law enforcement actively encouraged the illegal activity, this may be considered entrapment. I am fully prepared to develop a defense strategy around entrapment or around another constitutional violation. If law enforcement acted outside the terms of the search warrant or confiscated your computer without a search warrant, I will fight for a dismissal.

I also consult network specialists, computer experts and Internet specialists to try and uncover any holes in the prosecution’s case. With the help of industry-leading experts, I can show if another computer user hacked into your operating system and conducted illegal activity without your knowledge. An alibi may also be used to show you were not at home when the illegal activity allegedly occurred. I will review every ounce of evidence to fight back against the charges you are facing.

Contact a Palm Beach Defense Attorney for a Free Consultation

The stakes against you may seem high, but this will not deter me from delivering a strong defense strategy. I will review every piece of evidence obtained against you, while seeking to uncover any evidence that can be used in your favor.

Contact my Palm Beach defense firm online or call 561-533-1221 for a free consultation. My West Palm Beach office is located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard. Office appointments available at West Palm Beach Office. I accept credit card payments.

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