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West Palm Beach Child Support Lawyer

The amount of child support to be paid is a highly contested issue in many divorces. Child support also must be determined for parents who are unmarried. Child support payments have a major impact on your children’s quality of life as well as your own financial future. To make sure you are treated fairly, be sure to seek out advice from a skilled West Palm Beach child support lawyer.

  • Calculating Child Support
  • Child Support and Wage Garnishment
  • Child Support FAQs
  • Failure to Pay Child Support and Contempt Charges
  • Financial Support for Disabled Non-Minor Children
  • Imputed Income and Support Payments

I am William Wallshein, a West Palm Beach child support attorney with extensive experience representing mothers and fathers in South Florida child support matters. As a former certified public accountant (CPA), I understand how to analyze a couple’s finances and present an accurate picture to the judge, who will determine the amount to be paid in your case.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

Like most states, Florida requires judges to make child support determinations based on a set of guidelines. Generally speaking the guidelines require analysis of:

  • The income of each parent (income from all sources, not just from working)
  • The child’s health care costs and costs of daycare
  • The type of child custody and visitation arrangement/the number of overnights spent with each parent
  • The number of children

Although the guidelines are relatively straightforward, disputes are common. A child may have special needs. One parent may be voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. My job is to take all the steps necessary to make sure the child support calculation in your case takes into account all the factors that are unique to your family.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

One of the most common reasons for litigation in Florida family courts is that the party obligated to pay support often fails to do so — or is accused of such a failure. If you need to enforce a child support agreement, I encourage you to come talk to me about how to proceed. If you are obligated to pay but are unable to, and you are facing an enforcement action, I can show the judge why you are not able to make your payments and attempt to reach a positive resolution.

Child Support Modifications in Florida

As time goes by, circumstances in parents’ lives may change. The person paying child support may lose his or her job or could get a higher paying position. When significant events like these occur, it may be necessary to modify an existing child support order. Obtaining a modification is not always easy. It requires a lawyer to prove that you have had a substantial change in circumstances. The other parent also has the right to oppose modification. I represent parents in both scenarios, those seeking modification and those defending against it.

Contact a West Palm Beach Child Maintenance Attorney

To learn more about Florida child support and how I can help you, please call 561-533-1221 to schedule a free consultation. You can also contact my law firm online. My West Palm Beach office is near I-95 and PGA Boulevard.

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