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West Palm Beach Parenting Coordination Lawyer

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Issues involving the custody and care of minor children are often some of the most emotional and hard-fought legal battles. Due to the high emotional stakes, child care and custody issues can be extremely contentious. To help couples find an acceptable parenting plan for both parties, Florida has created a system called “Parenting Coordination.” To learn more, contact an experienced West Palm Beach parenting coordination lawyer.

Parenting Coordination in Florida

Parenting Coordination is a program in which a parenting coordinator, such as a social worker or a licensed attorney, works with couples to reach an appropriate solution. The parenting coordinator is essentially a mediator who acts as a neutral third party to help the couple find middle ground on any areas of disagreement.

The parenting coordinator focuses on assisting the couple in dealing with any disputes they have related to parenting. After working with a couple, the parenting coordinator can offer some non-binding advice to the couple and, in some cases, make decisions that will affect the parental rights of the parties.

Eligibility for Couples to Enter Program

Most couples will be eligible to enter the parenting coordination program. However, some couples may not be eligible for the program if they have a history of domestic violence. Even in those cases, it is possible to enter a parenting coordination plan if both parents consent to the plan and have had an opportunity to speak with an attorney.

Creating a Parenting Plan

The parenting coordinator may assist the parties in creating what is called a parenting plan. This document outlines the rights and responsibilities of each parent. Some of the issues covered in the parenting plan include:

  • How the parents will share the responsibility for the daily tasks of raising the children, such as driving them to school, sports practice, or friend’s houses;
  • A time-sharing schedule that clearly explains which days and times the children will spend with each parent;
  • An explanation of which parent will be responsible for the health-care of the child or children;
  • Which parent’s address will be used to determine the child’s school;
  • The methods and means of communication that the parents will use to communicate with each other.

A parenting coordinator may help the parties implement their parenting plan. Also, if the parents have not yet created a plan, the parenting coordinator can help devise the parenting plan.

Looking for a West Palm Beach Family Law Attorney?

If you are going through a divorce and are concerned about the ultimate future of your children, you should consider enlisting the assistance of a dedicated West Palm Beach child custody attorney to help you throughout what will no doubt be a stressful and trying process. With 38 years of legal practice behind me, I am comfortable in any legal situation and have the necessary skill, experience, and knowledge to effectively handle your Florida family law matter. I understand the difficulty of navigating child custody issues, and am dedicated to helping my clients achieve a fair and efficient resolution. Contact me through an online form or call 561-533-1221 to schedule your free initial consultation today.

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