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West Palm Beach Property Division Lawyer

The most heated divorce arguments after issues involving children can revolve around distributing the couple’s marital assets and debts. It is often beneficial for spouses to work out a property settlement outside of court. If that is not possible, then property will be divided under Florida’s “equitable distribution” statute. The word equitable does not necessarily mean an equal 50-50 split.

  • Division of Retirement Accounts
  • Division of Debt
  • Equitable Distribution of Property

Negotiating Marital Property Agreements in My Clients’ Best Interests

I am William Wallshein, a West Palm Beach property division lawyer with more than 38 years of experience. I provide skillful representation in an effort to ensure my clients’ financial interests are protected. As a former certified public accountant (CPA), I am able to analyze a couple’s finances and put together a property settlement agreement that make sense. If the opposing party does not accept the proposal, I will not hesitate to assert your rights in front of the family court judge. Contact my West Palm Beach or West Palm Beach law office to make sure your financial interests are safeguarded.

Handling All Types of Property Distribution Issues in Florida

When a couple gets divorced, all the assets and debts they accumulated during their marriage need to be divided equitably. The only items that are not subject to division are nonmarital assets, which include:

  • Inheritances received by one spouse
  • Gifts received by a spouse (but not gifts given from one spouse to the other)
  • Property owned by a spouse before getting married

As your property division lawyer, I will value all of your assets and account for all of your debts. I often work with real estate appraisers, tax professionals, forensic accountants and other experts to locate and value property. With that information, I can help you find answers to important questions, such as:

  • What will happen to my house?
  • What happens to the money in our joint bank accounts?
  • How will my retirement accounts be treated?
  • What if we have a family-owned business? How is it going to be affected?

Whether your estate is modest or you have a complex, high net worth portfolio, you can rely on me to make sense of the property division process for you. Your post-divorce financial life will be affected greatly by the outcome of this process. Call me to maximize your chances of success.

Contact a West Palm Beach Asset Division Attorney

Make sure your rights are protected during the often-contentious asset and debt division process. Call 561-533-1221 or contact my divorce law firm online for free consultation. My West Palm Beach office is near I-95 and PGA Boulevard.

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