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West Palm Beach Theft Lawyer

West Palm Beach Theft Charge Lawyer

If you are suspected of taking someone else’s property without his or her permission, you may be charged with theft. The level of the charges can vary greatly depending on the value of the property allegedly stolen. Make sure you have an experienced property crime attorney in your corner prepared to dig into the prosecution’s claims against you.

Decades of Experience Leveling the Playing Field for Defendants

I am attorney William Wallshein, a West Palm Beach theft defense lawyer with more than 38 years of experience. I have the skills and tenacity to protect your best interests when you are facing felony or misdemeanor theft charges. I will conduct a thorough investigation to understand if the charges against you fit the crime you allegedly committed. I will also dig into the evidence to understand if law enforcement violated your constitutional rights or made any false assumptions. You can feel confident knowing I will not back down, even when the stakes against you seem high.

The evidence against you may seem incriminating. This does not mean you are guilty. I know how to stay ahead of the prosecution, while seeking to level the playing field against you. Contact my theft charge defense law firm to protect your rights.

Strong Background Defending Against Theft Charges in West Palm Beach

Over the past three decades, I have built a strong track record defending clients in high-stake property crime cases, including cases involving theft charges, such as:

  • Credit card theft
  • Embezzlement and corporate fraud
  • Grand larceny and petty larceny
  • Property theft
  • Car theft

I will tailor my defense strategy based on the nature of the theft charges you are facing. If you are accused of an online crime, I will consult computer experts, network specialists or Internet experts to review the evidence against you. We can conduct a thorough investigation to understand if someone else hacked into your operating system without your knowledge to conduct the illegal activity. An alibi validating that you did not have access to your computer at the time the illegal activity occurred could also be invaluable.

If you are facing traditional theft charges, I will review any surveillance video footage and can review witnesses to understand if you were falsely accused. I will also work with you to understand if someone with a vendetta against you possibly framed you. I conduct a thorough investigation while reviewing the evidence obtained against you. If law enforcement conducted an illegal search and seizure, I will use this as grounds to suppress evidence that could be used against you. I will review every angle possible to protect your rights at all costs.

Contact a Skilled West Palm Beach Defense Attorney

Theft charges can be highly complicated. The value of property allegedly stolen can directly affect the type of sentence prosecutors will pursue. When you select me, I will make sure the charges fit the level of crime you allegedly committed. Contact my Palm Beach County defense firm to learn how I can protect your rights during a free consultation.

My West Palm Beach office is located near I-95 and PGA Boulevard. Office appointments available at West Palm Beach Office. I accept credit card payments.

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