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Monthly Archives: November 2020


Alcohol Abuse Increase During COVID-19 & Its Impact On Child Custody

By William Wallshein P.A. |

At least 50 percent of all students in the US (K through 12) are currently being homeschooled due to COVID-19, which typically requires that, for certain ages, a parent supervise their education throughout the day. Meanwhile, many of these parents are simultaneously trying to keep up with their own jobs while working from home. … Read More »

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Criminal Cases and Diversion Eligibility

By William Wallshein P.A. |

Were you recently arrested for a misdemeanor offense, and not sure what your next step should be? Were you arrested for driving while suspended, or is your child facing criminal charges? If so, you may be eligible for entry into a diversion program. Florida Pretrial Diversion programs are designed to route defendants to a… Read More »

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The Confusion Over When Discipline & Spanking Turn into Child Abuse Accusations

By William Wallshein P.A. |

There is no question that parenting during the pandemic has been difficult for many, especially divorced or otherwise separated parents who disagree with each other about issues related to raising their child, such as corporal punishment. Even though 65 to 80 percent of US parents spank their children, sometimes disagreements between parents over issues… Read More »

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