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Category Archives: Child Custody Parenting Plans


Addressing Child Custody Issues When Parents Live in Two Different States

By William Wallshein P.A. |

Child custody battles are already complicated and difficult enough without issues also arising related to parents living in different states. Still, they do come up, especially given that people sometimes have to move out of state for work and making long-distance arrangements work can be difficult. Even in cases where both parents file for… Read More »

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Recognizing Both Indirect & Direct Parental Alienation Behaviors in Child Custody Cases

By William Wallshein P.A. |

As attorneys who practice family law here in Florida, we see a significant amount of parental alienation between divorced spouses with children, and we frequently counsel parents on just how important it is to steer clear of these behaviors, especially because it is one of the main factors that courts will take into account… Read More »

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Rape Survivors & Parental Rights

By William Wallshein P.A. |

For a number of women every year, worries over their rapists gaining parental rights is a very real nightmare. According to some statistics, the estimated number of rape-related pregnancies in the U.S. is between 8,000 and 32,000. For these women, concerns over how to protect their children plague them every day. This is because… Read More »

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