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How to Minimize Any Impacts Your Divorce Has On Your Productivity at Work


As divorce attorneys practicing here in Florida, one common question that we receive is how to make sure that one’s divorce does not distract them from work. While divorces can unquestionably be consuming of both your time and energy, there are some techniques you can use to handle the challenges; while continuing to maintain your productivity at work, as we discuss below:

Keep Work & Personal Separate

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you not only build yourself a support network outside of the office, but that you keep conversations concerning your divorce outside of the workplace. While – from a practical standpoint –  you may have to discuss some details of your divorce with an HR representative at work, for example, otherwise, boundaries should be kept in these circumstances. By building a support network outside of work, and working with an attorney who makes you feel empowered and on track when it comes to your divorce, it is usually easier to keep these realms separate.

In addition, having separate work and personal emails is also very helpful when you’re going through divorce. This ensures that you do not become distracted by personal emails popping up in your work inbox all day. Some people even find that creating an entirely new email account just for divorce issues can be helpful.

Keep Drama To A Minimum

Also know that the more contentious issues become in a divorce, the more likely you are to have to make court appearances that may take you away from work. Minimize this by approaching as much as you can pragmatically and being straightforward and transparent as you can in terms of your approach to issues that come up with your ex.

One Set Time for All Divorce Issues Each Day

It is simply not practical to wait to address everything until after work, as some issues will obviously have to be handled during work hours. However, the best way to handle this is to simply set aside a block of time when you can go through emails and make phone calls that you need to do. By keeping a running list of questions, they can more likely be handled all at once, which keeps things more efficient for everyone. Also make sure that you keep your attorney apprised of any blackout dates where you will be away from meetings or other work events so that we can avoid conflicts in your schedule.

Contact Our Florida Divorce Attorney

Divorce can be difficult, but working with a professional who is dedicated to your case means that can focus on the other things that are important to you, such as maintaining productivity at work. Contact our experienced West Palm Beach divorce attorney at the office of William Wallshein, P.A. today to find out how we can help you on this path.




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