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Preparing For Divorce In Florida? Check Your Social Media Accounts First


You have been thinking about separating for a couple years now, but COVID-19 delayed your plans to move out. Now that you and your soon-to-be ex are vaccinated and you have secured an apartment, it’s time to separate. You have prepared a complaint and financial statement and are ready to serve your ex.  Is there anything else you should do before you file, even if you believe the divorce will be amicable, or you plan to file pro-se? One tip is to thoroughly review your social media accounts.

Avoid Venting on Social Media

It is not uncommon to see people use Twitter or Facebook to air grievances or comment about the current political climate. Some people use social media to launch personal attacks or “troll” others with little to no consequences for their actions. But mostly, people use social media to connect with others and stay updated. It can be very tempting to discuss your impending divorce or life changes with social friends on your account, whether in a status update, photo, or relationship status update. Try not to engage, but if you must, use the private messenger function. It is perfectly reasonable for the opposing party to ask if you have a social media account, peruse your profile for updates or glean information they might not have learned without visiting your online persona. Think before you post. 

Don’t Disclose Potential Outcomes or Litigation Strategies on Social Media 

In addition, it is crucial that you do not discuss anything regarding the potential outcome of your case online, in social media forums or with friends, even if it is not online. Attorney client privilege exists between the attorney and the client, not other people. Once you divulge confidential or privileged information to other parties, even if they are not directly involved in litigation, you can break that privilege and put the future of your case in jeopardy. It is especially important that you don’t fall for potential bait or traps set by a vindictive ex, accept friend requests from people you don’t recognize or share information about litigation strategy with anyone. If you have questions about what is and is not appropriate to disclose to friends and family, talk to an experienced family law attorney like Mr. William Wallshein. Social media is a great tool for connecting us, but anything we post online is public. 

Reach Out to Us Today for Help 

If you or someone you know is seriously considering divorce, it is important you set yourself up for success. This includes curtailing your social media presence, refraining from posts about your social or dating life, discussing your ex or discussing your potential legal strategy with friends. It can be cathartic to express your emotions through writing, but journaling is much safer and private. You may also benefit from speaking to a licensed therapist or counselor about the issues you are experiencing. It is completely understandable to be frustrated, angry or sad about the status of your relationship, but make sure you are confiding in a trusted person first.  If you have questions about any aspect of the divorce and custody process, contact West Palm Beach family attorney William Wallshein. With more than three decades of experience representing clients for all family law issues, he is a family law expert. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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