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Red Flags That You May Be Headed for Divorce


Therapists, counselors, and those in similar professions will often ask people considering a divorce what their ultimate goal is, and whether/how they expect divorce to help them get there. However, rarely is there one telltale sign that one should pursue a divorce; instead, it is usually the combination of a number of factors, or red flags, that provide the signs that you may be headed for divorce. Below, we discuss what some of those red flags look like for couples:

You Are No Longer Eating Together

While having dinner together may seem like a minor thing, it may also be indicative of a major issue. Failing to eat together may also be a sign that you two are becoming disjointed and the connection has suffered.

Your Partner Suffers from Addiction & Refuses to Get Help

This doesn’t just apply to the obvious ‘vices’—such as alcohol, drugs, and gambling—but rather, any addiction that endangers you or others, including behaviors linked to serious mental health issues.

You Are Only Together ‘For The Kids’

It is a common and outdated misconception that a couple should stay together as long as possible for the kids, or at least until they leave for college. In fact, it can be harmful to expose children to a relationship characterized by fighting and hostility. In addition, the research continues to evolve when it comes to at what age kids are most affected by divorce, with some studies showing that it can have a more significant effect on older kids – even those headed to college –  than, say, a child under the age of seven. If you are only together for your kids, that could be a sign that either the connection is lost or you have invested so much in your kids that the relationship has been neglected.

You Are No Longer Having Fun

If the two of you are no longer having fun, it can indicate a certain level of resentment, which can be difficult for some couples to get past.

You Are Living Separate Lives

If you are making decisions without your partner entering your awareness, or don’t care about how it might affect them, that can be a bad sign.

You Are No Longer Physically Intimate

While a number of couples go through ‘dry spells,’ a total lack of intimacy can be indicative that there is no connection, which is a bad sign.

Other Signs

Some other signs can include:

  • You would be fine with them seeing other people
  • You or your partner do not respect one another; make life-altering decisions regardless of any impact on the other person; etc.
  • You or your partner mock each other to others or directly to each other during arguments
  • You have anxiety about coming home and/or when you hear your partner coming home
  • You are unable to experience feelings of empathy or tenderness towards them
  • The thought of ending the relationship is a relief

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