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South Florida Singer Arrested After Miami Beach Collision In Which She Struck A Moped With Her Car


The wild parties of South Florida’s beaches have a reputation that precedes them, especially on summer holiday weekends.  The drinks flow freely, and the vehicles go fast, sometimes at the same time.  Celebratory events are peak season for drunk driving arrests.  Whether getting arrested for drunk driving changes your life forever or whether it just becomes another story to tell at the next party depends a lot on the circumstances.  Getting pulled over and taking a breathalyzer test that shows that your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above the legal limit is one thing, but causing an accident with injuries and refusing to stop for police is another.  If your party plans went awry and now you are facing criminal charges for drunk driving or another traffic offense, contact a West Palm Beach license reinstatement lawyer.

Defendant Charged With Hit and Run and DUI With Bodily Injury

Danielle Leigh Curiel, known by her stage name DaniLeigh, is a South Florida-based singer and dancer who has collaborated with famous artists such as Prince, Pharrell Williams, and Nelly Furtado.  On Memorial Day weekend, Curiel was driving her Mercedes Benz G550 near Miami Beach after leaving a party, headed toward her home in Pembroke Pines.  Near 11th Street, close to the Miami Beach police headquarters, Curiel’s car allegedly struck a moped, and she continued driving for about five blocks before police stopped her.  According to news reports, her car dragged the moped for several blocks.

The Local 10 news website said that Curiel, 28, told police that she had not been drinking, but there was an empty bottle of tequila on the floor of her car, and her breathalyzer test showed that her BAC was 0.14 percent, which is almost twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.  The moped rider was admitted to the hospital with injuries; he suffered a spinal fracture and a kidney injury.  News reports did not release the name or age of the moped rider.

Curiel was booked into jail in Miami-Dade County after the traffic stop.  She is facing charges for felony hit and run, DUI with property damage, and DUI with bodily injury.  News reports did not indicate how much bail, if any, she was required to post, but the Local 10 website said that she was no longer in jail on Tuesday.  This implies that the jail either released her without bail or set a bail amount which she paid in order to secure her release.  Like all defendants in criminal cases, Curiel is presumed innocent unless and until she pleads guilty or is convicted at a jury trial, and she has the right to representation by a defense attorney.

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