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The Most Common Surprises During & After Divorce


When it comes to divorce, TV and movies can provide us with a lot of misconceptions about the process—one of those misconceptions being that it is always an easy, simple process. We’ve worked with countless clients here in Florida – helping them to get through the divorce process – while protecting both themselves and their families. Below, we’ve discussed several aspects of the divorce process that can sometimes shock clients in an effort to help prepare you for what might come:

It Can Take a While

First and foremost: divorce often takes longer than you might think. Even though states like Florida do not require that you first go through a period of separation before getting divorced, still, the law does require that you have resided in the state at least six months before divorcing. And six months is assuming that you agree on everything; if you do not, and you have to go to court, the process can sometimes be drawn out, as court calendars tend to be full, and scheduling hearings can take a while.

The Paperwork

Second, there is likely going to be a lot of paperwork involved, regardless of the circumstances. Divorce requires that each party provide a copious amount of documentation concerning their finances; documentation that is then reviewed by each side’s attorney and the court.

What Happens When the Rules Are Broken?

Another surprising aspect of the divorce process is what happens when rules are broken. There is no court “police officer” who automatically punishes your ex for taking your child out of state by awarding you full physical and legal custody, or increases your alimony payments after your ex fraudulently transferred assets out of the marriage. If your ex breaks a rule, in order to do justice, you and your attorney have to file a motion in court to address the issue.

Your Life Is Going To Change

While many people grasp the concept that their lives are going to change after divorce in theory, in practice, it can sometimes be altogether different. For example, whereas before, coordinating your child participating in an extracurricular activity might involve one process, it will now likely lead to  a number of new questions that first must be answered: how much will it cost, who is going to pay for it, who will handle drop off and pick up, etc. Things that may have been simple can sometimes now be more involved and take longer to coordinate.

Contact Our Experienced Florida Divorce Attorneys

Perhaps what is most important throughout the divorce process is having someone by your side to help you through it, and to help prepare you for both the process and what comes afterward. Contact our skilled West Palm Beach divorce attorneys at the office of William Wallshein, P.A. today to find out how we can help you and your family get through this time and feel prepared for the future.




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