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The Most Important Interview Questions & Topics for Your Divorce Lawyer


When it comes to selecting the right divorce attorney, you don’t just want to go with someone who is highly rated online, or comes recommended by a friend. You also want to do your own “homework,” so to speak, and essentially interview attorneys who practice in this area to make sure that this person is the right fit for you, specifically.

Below, we’ve listed a series of questions or topics you can bring up in order to get a feel for who you are working with and whether they might be the right divorce attorney for you:

Free Consultations & Commitments

Most attorneys who practice in divorce law offer a free consultation, and this is definitely something that should be of interest to you, as it can provide you with a good feel for what direction the attorney might want to take you in, whether they will be committed to your case, whether you can get a good feel for them on a personal level, etc.  Also try to get a feel if they will take the proper time to attend to your case, and who specifically will be working on your case—is it them, is it an associate, do they assign tasks to paralegals, etc.

Your Goals

One of the first issues you want to be upfront with them about is what your goal is for the process. By bringing this up, you can hopefully get a good feel for whether that attorney also sees that as the best possible outcome and is something that they would help work with you on to achieve.

Fees & Charges

Another very important topic you want to bring up is how you will be charged. What is the attorney’s fee structure? The attorney charging the most is not necessarily the best, as you may find that someone with lower rates is more accessible, agreeable, etc. Finding out the details of their fee structure is also very important—some specific questions you might want to ask, for example, are:

  • Are services billable to the hour or retainer?
  • Will you be charged for the hourly rate of other staff as well, and if so, what are those rates?
  • Will you be financially responsible for any incidental costs? If so, what are they?

Make sure that, before you sign any kind of agreement with the attorney, the fee agreement is in writing.

Are They Local?

While this may be obvious, it goes without saying that you also want to select an attorney who regularly practices locally and thus known the judges, courts, etc.

Are They Trustworthy?

Remember that this person will essentially be your confidant, both during the process and likely at times afterward when questions arise. You want to select someone that you trust.

Contact Our Florida Divorce Attorneys to Find Out More

The dissolution of a marriage can be an emotionally taxing and devastating time for you and your family. You want to make sure that you work with a skilled, trustworthy, committed divorce attorney to help guide you through the process. Contact our West Palm Beach divorce lawyers at the office of William Wallshein, P.A. today to find out more about our skilled divorce legal services.


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